Solaire Generation DSA Carports

Solaire Generation completed a DSA carport milestone by installing 6 MW’s in 7 weeks across 18 sites in Southern California.

Staples Time Lapse

Watch the garage top Long Span R5 materialize over 3 months at Staples’ Headquarters in Framingham, MA.

Rutgers University

See our 8 MW system at Rutgers’ Livingston Campus that provides 63% of its energy needs.

Johnson & Johnson

Take a visual tour of the Premium canopy parking system at the Johnson & Johnson Headquarters in Raritan, NJ.

GE Solar Carport Installation

The solar carport’s 100kW system includes10 EV charging stations and can fully charge as many as 20 electric vehicles every day. It generates enough energy to power up to 20 homes for a year and feeds excess energy back to the grid.