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Location: Pocasset, MA

Solaire Canopy: The Premium

Number of Canopies: 1

System Size: 188 kW

Number of Panels: 576

Panel Size: 327 W

Panel Manufacturer: SunPower

Inclication: 15º / 1º

Number of Columns: 8


The Premium

The Hydroid company specializes in the design and fabrication of unmanned submersible vehicles. Hydroid selected Solaire Generation to provide a single Premium canopy in the parking lot of their new office and testing facility in Pocasset, MA. On this project, Solaire worked directly under Beaumont Solar who, in turn, was working for the building’s General Contractor, Consigli Construction. Technical challenges on this site included the design of oversize foundations as a result of very poor, sandy soils.