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NJ Meadowlands Commission

Location: Lyndhurst, NJ

Solaire Canopy: The Premium

Number of Canopies: 1

System Size: 121 kW

Number of Panels: 504

Panel Size: 240W

Panel Manufacturer: Kyocera

Inclication: 12º / 1º

Number of Columns: 8


The Premium

In 2011 the NJ Meadowlands Commission obtained a grant for additional solar, but had no additional rooftop capacity. Solaire’s Premium canopy proved to be the perfect solution to take advantage of the site’s main parking lot. The location is a science center with many younger visitors, so it was imperative that the canopies be safe and protective. Given the many visitors and education mission it was also beneficial for them to be able to display a commitment to renewable energy and forward-thinking technology.