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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – Wounded Warrior

Location: Bethesda, MD

Solaire Canopy: Garage Long Span

Number of Canopies: 3

System Size: 287 kW

Number of Panels: 974

Panel Size: 295W

Panel Manufacturer: Suniva



Garage Long Span

The construction of the Garage Long Span at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was carefully conceived and executed. Solaire’s design team focused on aesthetics to complement the century-old architecture at the storied medical center; at the same time, they carefully engineered the system to seamlessly integrate into the existing parking structure while avoiding shading from the raised elevator and stair bulkhead structures. The project uses Solaire’s mounting system—the Max Rack—which allowed the flexibility for a last-minute solar panel switch without altering the design of the system.