How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work

Solar pool heaters work on a simple principle: they use the sun’s energy to heat water, which is circulated back into the pool.
Swimming pools are a beloved addition to any home, offering a refreshing escape during the hot summer. However, heating a pool can be expensive and energy-intensive. This where solar pool heaters come into play
Harnessing the sun’s power, solar pool heaters provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly way …


Should You Install Solar Panels On Your Metal Roof?

If you have a metal roof, we have good news for you. Solar panels and metal roofs are perfect for each other. You see, this type of roofing uses light and durable materials. Eco-friendly homeowners can recycle them should they wear out, unlike asphalt shingles. On top of that, metal roofs are able to withstand extreme weather conditions.
Another important quality of metal roofs is…


Is The SunPower SunVault or Tesla Powerwall the Better Solar Battery?

If you are concerned about power outages, you might be interested in getting a battery with your solar system. Solar batteries provide storage for excess electricity produced by a solar array. This stored energy allows you to keep your home powered even when the solar panels are not producing energy.
Two of the most popular solar batteries right now are the Tesla Powerwall and the SunPower SunVault. We are here to help if you are struggling to choose which one would be the right fit for you!
Tesla Powerwall


The Truth Behind These Solar Myths

Even though renewable energy is getting more and more popular, there are still myths circulating about this type of energy. As experts have said, solar power is an excellent choice since it cuts down energy costs and creates less pollution compared to other sources of power. 
However, a lot of people assume that it cannot possibly be as good as it sounds. Below, we will tackle different solar myths and uncover the truth about them….

How to Choose the Right Solar Panel Batteries

As of 2020, no more than 4% of solar installations for homes had a battery backup. This trend will most likely change as more and more people are asking about this option. Solar batteries let you store excess power from your system so that you may use it in the future. 
In general, solar panels produce less energy at night or on cloudy days. It is always good to have a backup battery instead of relying on …

Should You Get a Ground-Mount Solar System?

Depending on your needs, a solar system can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Everything will depend on what you require of it. One of the biggest factors would be the location of the solar panel system
A solar system mounted on the ground can be the most appropriate choice for homeowners with a lot of external space in their homes. Consider these factors if you want to get solar panels installed on the …

Your Guide to Commercial Solar Energy

When we say commercial solar, we are talking about everything from small businesses to large corporations to nonprofits that are diving into solar technology for lower operating costs and cleaner energy. Right now, solar is highly underused in commercial operations. In fact, less than 4% of commercial buildings are using solar panels.
There are many factors that you should consider when you are considering a solar installation

Will Solar Panels Improve the Resale Value of Your Home?

In general, homeowners want to know if any change to their residence will result in a better resale value. This makes sense because no one wants their home to be worth less when it is time to sell it. 
One main advantage of solar panels is that they are already beneficial even without taking this into consideration. After all, they are guaranteed to bring down the monthly power bills already. However, is it true that they can also result in a higher resale value once the house is listed?
Resale Value of Solar Homes

Will Solar Panels Last Long?

Solar energy is the solution if you want to lower your carbon footprint and cut down utility bills at the same time. It is important to invest in a durable solar panel to get the most out of your investment. SunPower is a good brand since it is known for its longevity and lower energy degradation. According to the company, its products will remain usable for over 40 years. Its 25-year warranty is reassuring as well.
Solar Panel Degradation