Should You Get a Ground-Mount Solar System?

Depending on your needs, a solar system can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Everything will depend on what you require of it. One of the biggest factors would be the location of the solar panel system

A solar system mounted on the ground can be the most appropriate choice for homeowners with a lot of external space in their homes. Consider these factors if you want to get solar panels installed on the ground:

Land Use

A ground-mount system will only work if you have enough land for installation. The sufficient size depends on how many panels you need or want. It is a good idea to allocate somewhere around 0.1 to 0.2 acres for the system, although this will change based on how much energy you want.


You should also check the vegetation underneath the planned location. The terrain must be maintained and mowed. It is also ideal to have a fence surrounding it to prevent any unwanted visitors.


Most of the time, a ground-mount system costs more than a roof installation. After all, this type of solar system needs more labor and materials. For one, steel beams are needed for the system to withstand the elements. 

Aside from this, a trench must be created between the solar panels and the electrical box. The longer the distance, the higher the cost. Make sure to factor in landscaping and grass reseeding when it comes to budget as well.

Efficiency and Control

A ground-mount system might be better if your roof does not have the ideal orientation to the sun. It grants you better control over the direction and degree of tilt of the panels for better energy production. Lastly, ground-mount solar systems tend to be cooler and produce less friction as the solar energy moves from the panels to the electrical system.


For some people, it is important for the solar system to be hidden. Unlike a roof system, these things can attract attention that homeowners might not want. If your property is big enough, it might be possible for a solar company to install a ground-mount system low on the ground or behind some trees.

End Notes

A ground-mount solar system is ideal if you have a lot of open space and money. Consult with our experts at Solar Regeneration today to see if installation is right for you.

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